Joerg Kilian
Joerg Kilian, Master of Arts Design, Founder and Owner

Joerg Kilian

Communication designer and intercultural expert with nearly 30 years of experience in the fields of brand identity, corporate design, packaging design, web design and usability. He is a visionary cross-disciplinary brainworker with skills in development of overall concepts, mission guidelines, positioning, visualization and brand development techniques.

From 1990-1993, during his engagement as an art director for design agency IFP - The Institute for Packaging Design in Hamburg, he worked on major national and international brands and clients. His affinity for digital design made him an early adaptor for web design already in 1993 founding his own freelance studio.

In 1998 he was engaged for two years as a visual consultant on inhouse projects with DaimlerChrysler. In the mid-1990ies he lectured on digital design techniques both at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences at the former Bauhaus Dessau and at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts in Norway.

From 2000-2010 he was owner and managing director of the design agency kilde communications GmbH in Hamburg. His business relations with Chinese companies, agencies and educational institutions date back to the early 1990ies. He is co- founder and partner of Mandarin Sino Consult – an agency for intercultural communications.

During his studies from 1983 he joined a design agency and aquired basic skills in design, illustration, photography and typography. Since 1985 he works digitally supported. Joerg Kilian graduated as Graphic Designer (M.A.) from Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Norway in 1998.

From 1977-1978 he was trained Management Assistant in Wholesale and Foreign Trade at Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg.

He writes articles and books on branding, design, usability and intercultural issues. Joerg is fluent in German and English. He speaks Skandinavian languages and has basic knowledge of French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.