Willow chair

Willow chair

Experimental "off the record"

A kindergarten exchanged it's sitting furniture: small simple steel tube chairs with plywood seats and backrests. Artists were invited to remodel these for a charity auction. My idea was a complete cladding following a "back to nature" concept.

The frame work is made from willow rods and iron wire with a plait of willow rods. Braiding is a very time-consuming but sensual task due to the scent of the freshly cut willow branches.

The seat and backrests were clad with filt rags made from natural sheep wool and strips of hessian with great support from local artist Ina Trunk.

Auctioneer Carlo von Tiedemann sold all reshaped chairs in favour of the Elternschule Eidelstedt (Parenting Center Eidelstedt).